For the purposes of these Terms, Conditions and Policies the following descriptive rules apply for:




b). ‘The Buyer’/s means any person performing or intending to perform any business related transaction with us.


1). All our business transactions and business relations are subject to these Terms, Conditions and Policies.  Where clients, customers or people provide photo's to us or feedback regarding horses they automatically agree that we may use these on our related sites and publications unless the provider of such expresses, at the time of providing them, they are not to be used, in writing.



2). All horses are sold with an interchange option, however if a horse is injured, aged or in less condition that at time of purchase this may incur costs or loss of this option at our discretion . Horses may be interchanged / swapped with another of your choice from us.  Timing and details are to be worked in to suit both parties and buyers are liable for transport costs incurred.  All horses come with professional support, courses, advice and professional guidance provided to the buyer by us.  While the Course is optional, the purchaser must provide the settling in process for their horse and are provided the settling in programme for this purpose.  If this settling in process is not  provided for horses the buyer forfeits all rights with us.


3). Because we deal with horses whose behaviour and soundness is subject to their environment and treatment by their owners, while all care and integrity is maintained to the highest standard, we cannot accept liability for horses behaviour or soundness after purchase. Therefore by agreeing to these Terms, Conditions and Policies buyers agree to accept all liability regarding any horse purchased from us "with all faults" and any transport / agistment after the point of purchase is at their own risk.



4). We are responsible for horses to be exactly as described.  Horses are animals with emotions and choices and their new owners are responsible to provide every opportunity as outlined in our guidance we provide to settle horses in effectively and to not cause the horse to become fearful by disallowing this appropriate period and environment.  Any buyer choosing to not follow our advice but to use other ineffective methods and theories, accept full liability of the outcomes of these actions and methods and their consequences.  The advice provided on this is from over 30 years professional and successful experience.




5). We are there to aid with transport options, however if a buyer unduly prolongs delivery there may need to be agistment costs incurred and due for them.




6). Any refunds will be subject to governing law, these Terms, Conditions and Policies and at our discretion accordingly.  Because we provide many associated services with our horses and Courses, reneging on agreements is not catered for.  Horses sold under prior business structures which no longer exist will be dealt with in goodwill rather than obligation, we are here to help.



7). We are here as a safety net for buyers.  Where a horse is purchased and a new owner struggles with any equine related aspect with their new horse, we expect the new owner will receive guidance and help with any issues they may have from us.  If a horse buyer refuses to accept guidance or help from us, yet rather prefers to ask for a refund, this will not be acceptable.   


a). By agreeing to these Terms, Conditions and Policies all horse buyers and Clients agree dealing with any issues that may arise will be done directly with us and cannot be publicly disclosed in any format or manner, whether it be written, verbal or otherwise.  If the buyer or client does this they agree they are liable for all damages immediately as invoiced by us, and may also be sued by us.  These actions result also in forfeiture of all rights with us.  


b). If at any time a buyer attempts to defame us, lie, harass, bully, disrespect or abuse us in any way, they effectively forfeit all rights with us.  


c). For re-sales, horses sold under prior business structures which no longer exist will be dealt with in goodwill rather than obligation, we are here to help. Sellers will receive a receipt of payment for the resale only when the horse is in the custody of the professional transport company we have organised to pick up the resale horse, not before.  We also retain the right to decline the resale of a horse where the horse is deemed unsuitable for whatever reason, by us.




8). Once a horse is purchased, the buyer accepts all liability and responsibility for their horse and in transit to them. If any incident or accident should happen to the buyers horse prior to receiving the horse to their property, the buyer accepts all liability and responsibility for their horse and agrees to not attempt to hold us liable or responsible for any damage to their horse. We require a professional transporter truck for all transportation to new homes to reduce risk.




9). We hold all rights to decline to do business with any person according to our discretion without liability, where we feel the person is inappropriate as a buyer of a particular horse.



10). We use, teach and promote only kind, gentle, humane and effective horse handling, riding & training developed from training thousands of horses and riders for more than 33 years and do not support any fear based, harsh, cruel or ineffective training methods, and where a horse is purchased and these methods applied to the purchased horse creating a fearful horse and negative behavior the buyer forfeits all rights with us.



11). Horses are sold in trust the buyer will do the right thing by the horse.  We provide a mandatory settling in programme which will allow horses to settle, adjust and bond effectively with their new owner.  If a buyer neglects to settle their horse in using this they forfeits all rights with us.



12).  If a buyer defaults or renegs on any agreed payment arrangements, they forfeit monies paid and are liable to pay any monies agreed upon previously, owing.


13). From point of deposit or a first payment taken on a horse onwards, while all care is taken, all risk & liability must rest with the buyer of the horse and buyers agree they will not attempt to sue or hold us liable or any of our contracted services for any loss or damage.



14). We all want and work hard for a longterm great outcomes for our awesome clients and our beautiful horses, however we have business administration hours within which you can expect to be contact during.  Buyers and clients are welcome to purchase or to communicate outside these hours, and we are notified of these communications, however we are not obligated to respond outside our administrative business hours.



15). The money back guarantee means horses are as they were advertised at the time of sale.  Horses upon arrival will be stressed and out of character.  This is why we provide a very effective settling in programme for buyers to utilize for their and their horses benefit.  Not following this settling in procedure means forfeiting all rights and guarantees with us and our guarantee is specifically subject to this being implemented.  This is to ensure horses are provided fair, effective and kind settling in procedures.