From the previous 2 steps you should have learned a little about what your horse responds to best, i.e; what you were doing when you achieved that blue ring.  If you haven't yet been able to, don't worry, keep trying for as long as it takes.

This can be done while you are doing other tasks that have to be done, such as rugging and feeding etc, but be careful not to bit off more than you can chew at any stage.

Over the next few sessions you simply need to spend a bit of quality time in the paddock with this horse.  On it's turf, without any brushes or tools or halters or anything, but yourself, treats allowed.

What we want to achieve is the horse coming to you and investigating things about you.

Don't force yourself on the horse in any way, you want your horse to feel it is free to come and go as it pleases and that you are not asking a thing of it at all, do not say come here or call it, simply enter the paddock and be there.

Ideally you want the horse to come up, check out what  you are doing there, if you have anything etc.

What this achieves is a belief growing in your horse that you are kind.  Like it, and are not always only going to be there to make it do things it doesn't like.

But you are there because you genuinely like it and want to be it's friend. NO AGENDA.

Length of time is ideally the longer the better ;) You should always read the eyes, are they black?, your horse needs soothing, is the blue ring there? See if you can increase it's intensity ;)

STEP 3  GOAL & OUTCOME: The goal & outcome of this step is for you to further instill in your horse that foundation that you are first and foremost a friend with no agenda.  And to instill in you the habit of reading your horses eye's to know how they are feeling, and learn to do things that adjust how they are feeling.