After you  have achieved the ability to relax and assure your horse enough to produce that light blue milky line around it's eye, you are ready to move on to the next step.

The next step is the ability to maintain it for a period of time. NO HALTERS, on their terms in their space, no force or demands.  They come and go as they please, don't ask them to come, just be there.

You will need to utilize your imagination here and read your horse.  Leave him in the paddock where he is kept, but be there, either in the paddock quietly or outside of it.  Treats work a treat, just make sure you are not so boisterous with him that you make him nervous, remember he still needs to get to know you and does not trust you.

Being loud or boisterous "so a horse gets used to you" will only instill a fear of you.

I have worked with and broken in many terrified and abused horses.

One in particular took about 10 grown men to corner and catch.  Was terribly abused.

You could not do anything with this horse without it flipping into stampede mode.

What fixed it?

A gentle pat, a soft kind word, a just being there quietly attitude.

After that it was so secure it's former abusers could come up and slap pat it and it wouldn't even blink or think twice.

It had been so called conditioned prior to that but that simply made it more fearful and gave it a phobia about people. 

Slow slight abuse does not condition horses to relax.

Be gentle, be quiet... there will come a time you could do starjumps in front of this horse and he will trust you so much he won't even blink, but that time is not now, now is building that immoveable, unflappable TRUST.

Be overly soft, overly gentle, over smooth quiet, kind, and just be there and try to get that blue ring going for long periods, your ability to connect with this horse and relax and make it trust you is KEY to all you do in the future ;)

You will need this tool in all you do :)

STEP 2  GOAL & OUTCOME: The goal & outcome of this step is for you to find a way to maintain the connection you have made and build on that connection, maintaining that blue ring for longer periods.  Thus strengthening your ability to connect with and relax your horse.