Repeat the last session until you are confident you have 100% obedience from your horse.  80% is not good enough, kindly expect and maintain 100 % obedience your horse.

Many people don't realize, horses, like children, will only behave to the level expected and maintained of them.

You cannot allow your horse to get away with misbehaving then expect 100% good behaviour.  Good behaviour always has to be maintained.

Any horse can go from a quiet relaxed laid back obedient horse to a terrified and bad tempered rogue who appears unbroken in a matter of 5 minutes. And again the other way.

This is why beginners should never ride even the most bombproof horses on their own unsupervised.

Because they will allow bad habits to develop without even realizing it.

Horses are herd animals, they look to a leader and follow the group.  On your first ride out if you are anything less than an experienced rider you should not be riding on your own but have a person walking with you or another horse.

If you are a beginner or nervous rider who insists on riding on their own, it is highly likely you will get into trouble.

Horses are large and flighty animals, no matter how quiet, and not to be taken for granted.

So when you have established 100% obedience and harmony from your horse it is advisable to venture out of the confined space you've been working in with company of some description and start going for some enjoyable relaxed rides out and about and then when you are more established and have bonded well over time venture out on your own.

If at any time you feel your horses behaviour is anything less than 100% obedient go back to your confined space to sort it out and get it back ;)

This is the completion of your settling in programme.  We have Courses available also from this point or for support and help just contact us :)