This step is the same as the last but stay in the yard next to the feed bucket this time and repeat this session x 3 times, obviously on different days :)

Keep talking and chatting away to your horse at all times and encourage your horse to interact and respond to questions etc.

Chat away to them about the food and everything you can think of while they are eating, this will really teach and instill your communication manner and words into the horses memory.  You can pick bits of feed up and hand feed etc, but don't annoy them so they feel they need to tell you to bugger off either.

Be natural, open, honest and up front with your horse always.  They need to connect with you and can't if all you offer them is an exterior that is forced and false.  Watch and read your horses eyes and if they haven't got that blue ring they need soothing, so do so while they eat.

Be aware of the surrounding environment around the area you are working with your horse.  If there is a lot going on try to adjust your timing etc to quiet times so the horse can concentrate on you and what is going on without being distracted ;) 

The goal of this step is to further galvanise a good habit of enjoying and being happy and relaxed in their work area and with you, and to understand your communication way and mannerisms more.