This session you want to do the same as last time but just put them in the area with the bucket unclip the lead and leave the horse is there to eat there feed.  You need to leave the area and stay on the outside and just let the horse have some time in the yard with the feed and to trot round or do whatever they want.

Whatever you do never growl or make demands at your horse while it is free.  This instills a bad attitude into horses and will make them cranky and disrespectful of you because: 

1). You are trying to control them in their time, and

2). You can't enforce it when they are free to make them do the thing you're demanding so you are just teaching them to ignore you.

It is very important at this stage also to make sure you are not doing any of the mistakes many people make with horses.  Such as clicking at a horse with your tongue when approaching a horse.

I am stunned how many people click when going to catch a horse then wonder why they can't catch the horse??

NEVER ever click at a horse unless you want them to go away from you fast.

Another is demanding tones and words towards horses such as 'come here'.  Horses will react badly to this and go away as a rule.

Respect your horse and do not act defensively with it, love, be gentle, be caring, this should always be your demeanor around horses at all times or you will hit trouble.

Clicking and being gruff and demanding means go away and go away fast, (despite all the movies you have seen lol, which have no idea!).

If you only have the horses home paddock to ride in initially that's fine but put the bucket out in the middle of the paddock in the scariest areas. When the horse has finished his feed take him back to the paddock.

The goal of this step is to familiarize the horse and make them comfy and have good memories and create a habit of being calm and relaxed in the area you will initially ride them in.