Today you'll also need a bucket with a bit of nice feed our horse likes in it.  You'll need to place this before you start in the place you will initially ride your horse, which should be a roundyard, small yard or if this will be the horses home paddock just keep handy somewhere away from where the horse can see it, covered.

After you have completed the last step at least 3 times you are ready to move on. Remember, if there are any hiccups along the way or you feel you haven't quite achieved what the goal was at any particular point or step, simply go back to that step start from there again.

This process is also great not just for settling in a new horse but also for re-connecting with your horses and getting things off on a better foot if things haven't been going so well.

As horse owners we very quickly come to realize all is not smooth sailing with any horse and there will be days you walk away from thinking you would have been better off doing nothing but that's horses, they have feelings, can have moody days like all of us and you will have falls and knocks and bumps and hiccups along the way but all is part of it.

Our riding school manager when I was young used to always say, you can't call yourself a good rider till you've fallen off 100 times ;)

So today we are going to take the horse for an exploration instigated walk again but we are gong to take him to the area you will be first riding him in.

This should be a small yard, their home paddock, or a roundyard.

If you are anything but experienced you should never attempt to ride the first time out in the open or a large paddock unless it's their home paddock.

Explore your way over there, guiding your horse and allowing them explore along the general way. Put them in there where the feed is, showing it to them. And just be with them while they eat it.  

then explore your way back to the paddock and finish.

Horses are often nervous about work environments so this will enable you to give your horse a nice pleasant first impression or new impression of this area.  We want the horse to relax and feel at home here before asking him to concentrate here.  Feed will achieve this.

Don't let your horse off the lead here, just let them eat then leave.

The goal of this step is to begin to create calm and nice memories for your horse in what will be it's initial riding area.  Or to re-create this.