By now you would have developed a pretty familiar way of communicating with your horse and your horse will be starting to understand your mannerisms and how you communicate with him.

If this process is skipped or rushed you will end up with a nervous and confused horse so it is very important to lay a great foundation together here.

It is critical with all of this also that you are up front, direct and gentle with your horse.  A horse cannot and will not bond with 'forced', 'fake' or 'games'.  But will bond with you if you present pure and simple you.

The next step is to do all the same things but include going just outside the paddock area as if it is no different, don't change your manner or communication outside the paddock, keep everything the same and act as if nothing has changed and just wander around the near vicinity doing the same things, picking grass, looking at objects and chatting away.

Try to encourage your horse to interact with you as much as possible.  It is important to get him communicating with you.   Horses that feel 'heard' are more relaxed and feel you will listen and be fair if they need you to know something they are concerned about.

Today is not about going far away from your horses comfort zone but to hover around it and to toy with the idea while building confidence and create a good habit of remaining relaxed no matter where they are.

If your horse is thrown into a new home and then ridden in a new environment immediately this will create an actual habit of being nervous when out riding.

What we are doing is creating a habit of being relaxed when going out of their comfort zone.

The goal of this step is to translate what we have done in relaxed paddock time into more intense out of paddock and comfort zone time and to make them feel you don't see these two zones as any different by acting and communicating the same and doing the same as you were in the paddock, thus translating and merging what we have achieved in comfort zone to out of comfort zone and creating a good habit of relaxing outside of their comfort zone.