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Over the many years horse enthusiasts have ridden and handled horses, there have been many methods applied to these practices.  These many methods reflect our beliefs and sadly, fear and control has been this reflection.  But in an ever changing world we are now learning how to reject fear and embrace love instead.  Fear controls and breaks the spirits of these beautiful creatures.  It is the cause of countless brutal horse slaughters all over the world every day.  Horses are beautiful friend orientated, gentle, loyal, peace loving animals however our countless fear driven methods drive them to be seen as flighty, nervy and in need of training (as any living creature would appear if subjected to the harsh and cruel control mechanisms and methods applied to horses daily) 

For those wanting to stop horse slaughter, this is where you start. 

In a world of endless information it can be difficult to know which is correct.

Our online courses offer tried and true expert experienced knowledge in a form understandable to young and old whether you're a complete beginner or an advanced horse trainer regardless.

This information is not available on google searches or anywhere else and can set you up as an instructor, equine business entrepreneur, successful competitor, or just a happy horse rider on the weekends.  Whatever your equine objectives use these courses to set your feet and your horses' hooves on solid footing and avoid the many pitfalls out there.

Because Humane Equitation is a holistic understanding and education, it is taught in stages over 3 years covering the broad ranges of equine expertise under 5 main subjects: Physiology, Psychology, Management, Handling & Riding and Careers & Business.


You can go as far as you like in your education and earn our precious Masters Degree and train others (use in any equine arena) or you can dabble in the basics and set yourself up for safe and happy pleasure riding!  It's easy, free & self paced & a great bonding activity for families to learn together.  Exams are fun online games at the end of each topic unit and certificates are awarded for each exam pass.  (Exams can be re-sat with no time limit until pass is achieved). 

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