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Basically you can get help now, this will cost you $10 and this gives you access to our online professional team via our chat service which is available here on our website & also on our Free HORSE HELP APP 

Our professionals will go in depth with you with any issues you would like to discuss and work with you with these issues, providing guidance and advice as you go.

 If you would like to continue beyond 1 week, the cost is $10 per week only. You can stop or start this at any time and you will have direct and personal advice from the best in the industry. You will find this is miles more effective and miles cheaper than lessons or having your horse re-educated.

Some prefer to have this service open for them all the time and so rather than paying $10 per week, which adds up to $520 in a year, prefer to take advantage of the annual up front discounted payment of $350 for a year.

This option is available to anyone who prefers this.


FAQ'S (Frequently asked questions)

Q: Is there any age restriction on this service, are children ok?

A: There is no age restriction and we highly recommend this for children of all ages as well as adults. It is important that children learn the right way to do things with horses first, rather than having to learn things the hard way, risking injury etc.


Q: how do I get started?

A: Start by clicking the get help now button then follow the prompts, you will be asked if you would like a weeks service or 1 years service, click your desired option and you will be taken to check out. After you have checked out your service chat will be active immediately and you may begin discussing your needs immediately via the chat on this website or on our App.



Q: Are there any issues too hard, eg my horse keeps bucking everyone off and has always been that way.

A: We are professionally experienced at successfully re-educating horses with serious behavioural issues. We welcome owners of those 'rogue' horses everyone has failed to re-educate. You will be amazed at the results. 


Q: What payment methods do you have?

A: You can pay us via our website via Credit or Debit Card, Bank Transfer & many other payment methods relevant to individual countries.


Q: Where are you based?

A: We are based in Aotearoa, New Zealand and the costs are quoted in New Zealand currency, however at checkout you will pay in your own currency which works out great for those in countries such as the US and Australia where your dollar is stronger so you are charged much less!


 Q: Is the service anonymous? I don't want anyone knowing my business!

A: Yes the service is anonymous and while we ask for a name this is simply a 'username' and you may remain anonymous. None of the content of your messages can be seen by anyone other than the one you are receiving advice from and we have no idea who you are. All is anonymous.


Q: When I finish a chat then come back later is my chat history still there for me to refer to?

A: Yes, you will be able to refer back to all your chat history with us on your App and on our website which is only available for you and your advisor to view.


Q: Are your services all in English?

A: Yes, though some of our customers may choose to use a translation tool their end into their own language, we cannot guarantee this translation will be accurate and is at their own risk.  We are working on adding more languages to our team over time.


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