There are 2 basic ways you can approach handling horses.  One is approaching the horse as a means to an end and applying methodology mechanically. 

The other is approaching the horse truly, no games, with raw human emotion, an open book, connecting truly with an animal, no games, no methodology.

Chasing horses around making them physically perform as you wish makes you look pretty tough and special but at the end of the day is betraying the soft and gentle soul that is the horse.

The commonly accepted belief is that forcing horses to tolerate and perform will make them tolerate it later and always.  But this is a mis-belief and why we see horses even in the top rankings of competitive sports playing up, rebelling, bucking, rearing and fighting back.

This is also why we see young children often do so well, so naturally with horses, better than a 'highly 'trained' rider.

True horsemanship is not about controlling a horse.  It is about building a respectful true relationship with a gentle animal.

And never betraying that respectful relationship and trust by playing mind games or abusing them until they no longer react to the abuse.

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