Your standard grooming kit should contain the following which are used in order:


DANDY BRUSH: To remove dirt and mud from coat.  This brush has very hard bristles and should be used carefully, it is to initially remove mud and dirt however if the mud or dirt is to stuck, it will need to be washed off instead.  This brush hurts the horse if used too hard.


DE-MALTER RUBBER BRUSH: To remove loose hair from coat.  This is the second brush you use in your grooming regime. It removes remaining dirt and loose hair well and the most time spent grooming should be spent with this brush.  It gets all the loose hair out.  NOTE: When these brushes are new they have sharp points, never use on horses with sharp points, rather rub these off on concrete until rounded and smooth then use.  


BODY BRUSH: To remove fine dust from coat.  This brush picks up the dust and loose hair left behind.


SOFT FACE BRUSH: To remove dust from face.  This brush is very soft to be used gently as you would a body brush but on the face which is more sensitive.  For horses which don't enjoy grooming this brush can replace the body brush also.


MANE & TAIL BRUSH: To brush mane and tail.  There are plenty on the market for horses but none come close to the good old human plastic hairbrush.


HOOF PICK WITH HOOF BRUSH: To pick out and remove dirt from hoof.  The pick is to pick out the hooves and the brush to skim the loose dirt off, always use gently and never dig hoof picks into hooves directly, hold on an angle sideways and flick dirt out.


EYES AND NOSE SPONGE: To clean nose and eyes.  This is a sponge specifically for the purposes of cleaning the nose and eyes.  Nothing else.  It's much better to halve these large sponges or use a smaller model, horses generally won't like you coming at their head with an enormous sponge.


HINDQUARTERS SPONGE: To clean rear end.  This is a sponge used to clean the horses rear end, used wet and cleaned after each grooming.  Only used for this job and coloured so you know it is this sponge ;)


HOOF OIL BRUSH: To apply hoof oil.  One with soft bristles close together like a normal paint brush are best and it also helps to trim the bristles a bit shorter for more controlled application.


HOOF OIL (STOCKHOLM TAR): To be applied to hooves.  Proper thick Stockholm Tar.  Use on dry clean hooves.  Paint the outside and inside.


BOT KNIFE: To remove and bot eggs from coat. 



SCISSORS: To trim where necessary.


BODY TOWEL: To remove fine dust and polish coat.


FACECLOTH: To remove fine dust and polish face.

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