We must not forget to put ourselves in horses shoes when it comes to the home environment we provide for them.  Horses predominantly torn away from their mothers at around 6 months old, before their mothers get a chance to educate them properly,  The mental trauma alone is carried for life let alone the lack of natural understanding and natural education they would normally receive from their mother.



We must address this and change it, but in the interim we must provide the horse with a home.  not just simply a paddock.  We must do all we can to communicate to horses they are welcome and safe, part of a longterm family and routine.  We must provide a sense of purpose, belonging and meaning to them.

Great care must be taken to make sure they are not stressed, bored, scared, depressed, being bullied, lacking in basic needs, unsafe etc.  But also to make them feel loved and cherished and part of the family.

You can do this by simply spending time with your horse which is not work purposed but just spending time, hanging out, no agenda but to enjoy each others company, connect and interact as friends.  No halter, no commands or orders, free, unhindered respectful gentle time.  Lots of pats, positive affirmations and encouragement.  This goes miles in making your horse feel secure in the volatile and harsh world horses are thrown into.

Kindness, gentleness, care, empathy and love from their humans can provide adequate mental peace and relief to allow horses to handle their harsh worlds they are forced into.

This relationship can then grow into a very special bond unique to horse and human and the horse will become a very loyal friend fro life in this instance.

Part of the responsibility of horse ownership is to provide horses with a HOME not just a paddock ;)

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