Horses weren't designed for the enclosed small paddocks and spaces we hold them in, they are designed to be constantly moving nomadically and to also run at high speeds intermittently, often in large open spaces, in herds. 

Additionally, most of their choices and movements in the natural herd environment depend on the whole herd dynamic which is often the reason horses will run into things clumsily or hurt themselves being such flighty animals in such small spaces.

Most first aid and medical necessities relate to a horses' legs and feet because of this.  Not only from impact against restrictive structures inside their confinement but also because their legs were designed to walk & generally move much more than they do in confined domestic spaces.

This domestication greatly affects their natural hoof functionality, the bulbs and whole hoof structure is supposed to be almost constantly moving, designed as a natural pump to circulate blood effectively throughout the hoof and leg structure. 

When the horse is stationary or moves little, this function is near dormant and the natural functionality very much diminished in effectiveness. 

Horses hooves in their natural environment are much more active, with blood pumping through at a faster rate and regularity than their domesticated counterparts and with the natural friction of their constant movement naturally keeping hooves trim.

In the domestic environment horses hooves become very stagnant and sickly, lack of regular movement causes less blood flow and hooves do not naturally trim off, rather growing long and placing abnormal and unnatural pressure on the whole hoof structure, then in turn the angles and functionality of the leg joints and structure, and that without adequate blood flow to this structure. 

Therefore to address medical care we need to firstly understand the base root causes of the issues that commonly occur.  Keeping horses in herds and in large roaming spaces with some hills and variable surfaces etc, as close to their natural environment as possible is beneficial for overall good health.

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