How you lead your horse sets the tone for your further interactions.  In all you ever do with horses it is not the lead, or the gear or what you pull or don't pull when and where.  It is about what is going on between the 2 of your prior to and in the moment, the relationship you have.  The understanding between the 2 of you. 

What you are actually communicating to your horse can be far different from what you think you are.

For example, grabbing a lead and mechanically demanding walk on to your horse in an almost robotic fashion, communicates to your horse that you don't truly care for him, that you will disregard his feelings and that you don't respect him.  He therefore becomes nervous about you all the time and standoffish, especially if you come with a halter.

When you build a relationship with your horse which is respectful to them and true, and you walk up to them with a halter they run to you in excitement like a dog about to go for a walk.

If your horse disappears or is unhappy when he sees you with halter you need to stop everything and address your relationship.  This is never right, normal or ok.

Your horse should shove his nose into the halter happily.

When leading, your horse should happily be beside you and move with you via the mental connection you have with the horse, rather than lead tugging all the time.

You should be chatting to your horse as you would a dog, telling him what is going on as you do it.

Then your horse can relax and trust you respect him enough to include him rather than boss him around disrespectfully.

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