Equally important as the gear you apply to your horse is the gear and attire you wear and carry also.

Sometimes these things can catch you out, like going riding on a rainy or windy day with large raincoats or 'noisy material' jackets and next minute the horse is bolting away from YOU because your coat is flapping and your horse doesn't understand what the noise on his back is! 

Or you are cantering along and your jacket starts flailing out behind you and the horse sees it and tries to run away from it!!

When riding you need to wear clothing that fits close to the body and doesn't confuse your signals by being noisy or flapping in the wind.  Even if it's not a windy day if you want to trot or canter it will then start to.  Some coat and pants materials are very noisy and should be avoided.


When it comes to footwear you should avoid large heavy boots that can get stuck in stirrups but aim for boots that are small and smooth, such as the riding boots above.  No laces, they can get caught or dangle and tickle the horse, no thongs, they can slip off, no zips they can get caught in the stirrup. I prefer long black riding boots over all for comfort and efficiency for horse & rider.

Spurs are never ok to wear in my view and unnecessary.  There is NEVER any reason to annoy, dig or hurt a horse simply to communicate.

Whips are also generally unnecessary and to be avoided and replaced with more effective communication.






















Above is a good example of a legally approved safety riding helmet. You need to make sure these fit snuggly when you buy them or they will tend to slip while riding and can slip over your eyes.























Good gloves help reins not to slip in the wet, bad ones (99.9% of gloves) increase slip.  Most also reduce too much feel-ability.  The only ones I will ever wear are the cheap, thin pimple grip stretch ones that fit so snuggly they don't move when the reins do and are thin enough the rider can still function effectively and feel their horse.  But a tight fit always.  You want to avoid a loose glove fit because it will move too much before the finger feels the shift.

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