More and more common over recent years is the acceptance of the use of drugs for various purposes with horses. 

Largely reflective of our wider human communities and the massive increase of drug usage to quick fix / cover up issues rather than deal with them, driven by growing carelessness and money hungry drug companies. However the toll is massive, on us and likewise on horses.

It is now not uncommon for large equine facilities across the board to sedate horses as standard procedure daily to be ridden.  

A blatant display of our ignorance with these sensitive animals.  Horses are enormously sensitive to any changes inflicted on their bodies and drugs of any kind should only ever be a last resort for the horses livelihood if absolutely no other option is available.  In contrast how they are being used is not this way, they are being used in place of understanding and learning. 

When a horse is unmanageable for a person the person needs to learn.  Not drug the horse and not learn a thing.

Drugs cause vicious side effects on horses physically and mentally and also create deep seated mistrust between horse and rider.  

Sedating horses has become commonplace to have teeth done which is completely unnecessary, as any GOOD equine dentist will show you, there is simply no need with intuitive and good, standard, kind horsemanship which is what people need to spend their time learning rather than what quick fix they can use or who they can send their horse to, to fix the problem thinking it is the horses problem rather than their own.

As I was taught when I was very young, if a horse is doing something you can't manage, look at yourself.

Horses are at our mercy, imprisoned in our environment with almost all their choices taken away, it's a miracle in itself they allow anyone to come near them let alone have a lovely attitude during riding etc.

Successful horse riding is based on a true and respectful relationship with horses which addresses issues truly as they arise.

If this is anything but, there are major side effects.

There are instances where pain killers are relevant, but should be kept to a minimum and only when necessary.  These restrict natural tissue healing and cause complications.

There are also instances due to colic where anti spasmodic and other drugs are necessary, but these are all in acute situations and like any drug have negative side effects on health and the mental state.  Therefore should be avoided where possible, unless absolutely necessary.

In summary the use of any drug should NEVER replace understanding, dealing with and fixing an issue kindly, respectfully, normally and naturally.

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