Horses are intricately unique, delicate and very sensitive and troubled when exposed to our provided domesticated environment for them.  Which indicates there is need to evolve and improve the environments we provide for them.

Mechanically they need their feed to be more forage orientated than is currently the norm.  The excess feeding of grain and stress inflicted by an un-natural environment to horses has also affected their ability to self hydrate effectively as they should.

Horses have a very unique self hydrating system much like camels do, however this relies on the health and functionality of the hindgut microbes which are destroyed by feeding too much grain and by stress. 

Horses get ulcers and acidic damage from a certain kind of stress. Up to 60% of riding horses & show horses have ulcers and up to 90% of race horses have ulcers.


The stress is from the feeling of no control over their environment.  It’s no wonder horses have such a prevalence of ulcers.  Not only do we put them in the most un-natural environments but then we take all control away from them.

They don’t get to say when they go out, whom they get to go out with, when they get ridden or when they get to eat.  It’s all controlled and then on top of it all we change their environment without warning.  For instance, we take them to races, shows and competitions, add or take away pasture mates or change their daily schedule, and when they are sold into new homes they are torn from all they know and placed into an environment they don't know with people they don't know which is outright terrifying to say the least and acutely traumatic, mentally wounding, and acutely stressful longterm.  

This kind of life is nothing like their wild counterparts.

Therefore this calls for major adjustments in our understanding and major change in the way we address and manage every aspect of our horses live's to reduce the massive stresses we currently accept as normal in the name of self indulgence.

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