Horse mechanics are unique in so many ways.  Their coats are very unique.

A horses coat has the ability to adjust to it's environment very quickly and reflects how a horse is feeling in that moment as well as longterm.

If a horse suddenly becomes very happy, they can develop dapples in their coat in front of your eyes, these are large circles about the size of a 50 cent piece.  Dapples were previously believed to be related to physical health and also a genetic thing.  They are, however, directly related to a horses deeper emotional state.

I have seen horses dapple up in front of my eyes when I have taken them from being locked in a small paddock on their own and put them into a large grassy paddock with friends.

I used to witness every one of my horses I used to exercise in the mornings dapple up in front of my eyes when I was exercising them riderless in the roundyard, but only when I was overly careful to encourage and be overly kind and gentle with them, if I was distracted and these same horses were simply run through their motions they would never dapple up.  The moment I spoke with them gently, remained in tune with them and their needs, encouraged them and made sure they understood and were provided time to process everything in a relaxed fashion, they would dapple up during workouts every single morning.

Horses that are understood, very content and happy on a very heart and soul deep emotional level will display dapples.

(There are horses which are coloured in the shape of dapples, such as 'dapple greys', this is different, and simply a unique colouring for them).

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