To own a horse is very exciting and a lot of responsibility.  We are here to help with any support you may need but there are some standard things we can point you in the right direction with.  Once you have a horse there is no backing out of maintenance.  

The equine Community is a tight knit one and there is endless advice if you go looking for it, however finding the RIGHT advice is another story ;)

As part of our RBEI Community we stick together and support each other also, and the advice you will receive is informed.

You've spent a bit of time by this point with us and the more you stick around the more you will learn we genuinely care for our horses and the people we serve and the information provided is not just run of the mill careless advice.

When horses are maintained well they glow.  It is a balancing act of making sure all their primary physical and mental needs are all met well.

It's a great idea to make the actual maintenance side of things so efficient that you can actually go away for a day or so and not worry, or not have to spend hours daily on things.

One of the best things I've ever used is the wheelie bins as hay dispensers.  They keep hay so dry and clean and you only have to refill them every 2nd or 3rd day with zero waste.

For water it is so great to grab the $35 small auto waterers off ebay or elsewhere and connect them to a hose then the fence.  This means you never have to fill waters and the horses get to have fresh clean water which they are so grateful for when they get rather than stagnating trough water.

They are so simple to set up.

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