If a horses home paddock / environment equates to being in bed all day in physical, mental and social output likelihood, horses will vent, mis-behave accordingly when they finally get out of that environment, whether it be to groom, ride or for any purpose.

To then judge the horse on this behaviour and to then further discipline this horse is cruel and wrong and this horse will be frustrated, nervous, skittish, angry and unpredictable all the time even in the simplest tasks.

You may attempt to build a great relationship with this horse but it will never happen because it's basic needs are not being met.

A large part of building a good relationship with your horse is to make sure they are content and happy in their home environment and that all their basic needs are met.  You should never attempt to ride any horse that has a home environment that they are unable to exercise and socialize freely in.  If you do, it is inevitable that you will encounter major problems with this horse.

Where the horse industry vastly goes wrong is disciplining horses when the cause of their 'misbehaviour' are the horses lack of a proper home environment.  Horses are suffering because of this and this drastically needs to be re-addressed and changed. 

Horses are beautiful, gentle willing animals naturally.  It is people who generally cause rebellious issues.  Mostly without realizing they are the cause.  Before you have the right to ever discipline a horse you must firstly address all their basic needs and the possible causes.

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