Associated with the in-built need for a horse to freely exercise regularly and naturally, is the need to do so in new environments.

Horses are nomadic and regular changes of scenery are also inbuilt into their psyche in this context.

In our domesticated worlds it is not always possible to provide an environment where horses are able to travel and be constantly exploring new environments.  This is a large contributing reason domesticated horses can become overly spooky when taken into new environments. 

Naturally, normally the herd provides the security required to face new environments.  This is why building a strong trusting relationship is so key with herd animals such as horses. 

So when we do take them out into new places they trust you will look after them and you won't abandon them, their needs, or allow them to face the new environment without your support and reassurance.

So panic doesn't override them and so riding out in new environments is a harmonic, natural and peaceful enjoyable experience for all.  

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