It is important to note.  The venting of the mental and physical need to run and play is a daily one, renewed and relevant daily.  If your horse is in an environment where they do not get to interact and play, run and play up.  They will try to use the riding time out of their closed environment to do this and cannot be blamed for doing so.

It will not be relevant or effective to allow a horse out for a bit the day before a riding day for example, this will not work and probably have the reverse effect because the horse has so recently felt that freedom and it is bottling it up again.

Ideally horses should be in rather large paddocks of 3 to 6 horses in a paddock.  Riding these horses is a non-event as they are relaxed, happy and content.  Able to run and play as they choose in their own space and time. 

With horses that are kept separate and / or in a confined space, it is critical to allow them a minimum of 1 hour prior to being ridden out and about in a big paddock or space they can play up and run in without control, gear or reprimand. 

The lack of social interaction is a hard one to counter for a horse that is locked on their own.  It is risky allowing horses that are not normally allowed in together, to do so as they will play up and get overexcited and end up often kicking each other in their excitement etc.

Ideally horses need to be kept permanently in with a group.

They may play up during riding if they are not able to 'be a horse' socializing and doing things horses do together.

It is so common that horses are labelled as rogues, dangerous or naughty just for these reasons alone.  We need to become more aware of horses exercise and venting needs when creating their home environments. 

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