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9. Beulah, The Towers


GOD is the Creator of all people and things and above all.  GOD's ways are ways of peace, love, compassion, patience and mercy.  The towers of Beulah are symbolic as places of refuge for all who call out to GOD for help. GOD then lifts them up above their troubles and enemies, not because they are worthy or deserving, but because GOD helps all who call to HIM for help rather than relying on other methods to gain help. This is GOD's ordained way for humanity to walk, in HIS way of peace.

Vengeance is GOD's alone. When someone is cruel to us (those who do not respect GOD or HIS ways) we are not in turn cruel to them. This is not GOD's way. If we do this GOD will not help us. GOD will only help those who rely on HIM for help, refusing to rely on other ways. GOD is our tower of defence. HE comes and lifts us out of the trouble we are in and sets us above our enemies, preserves, defends and protects us, because we rely only on HIM. This is the way of peace GOD has ordained for humanity to walk in for a peaceful world.

Many of us are oppressed and have been oppressed on this earth yet we refuse to return to GOD's ways of forsaking our own devices and ways of defence and simply crying out to GOD, our source for help, like a child would to their father. GOD's ways are not complicated, they are simple.

The low places of this earth are cruelty, violent, evil and hell. When we cry out to GOD for help instead of relying on other corrupt ways it magnifies GOD to others and HE is praised in the earth by us and so he lifts us from that hell into HIS towers of defence, heaven, we find ourselves ok again instead of oppressed.

When we are lifted up and defended it is our duty to then use our position of safety and defence to lift others up who are also in trouble. We do not become selfish and self indulgent in this life of defence, we use it to help others, to lift others in need up and to also defend them against the oppressors of this world, because we are defended. Because GOD is all about the oppressed, the humble, the poor and the needy always and deep in our hearts, in our words and in our actions we honour our Creator/GOD and HIS ways.

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