Over & over I seem to encounter the same problems between horse & rider, which are so damaging, so easily avoided and fixed.



So here's a few:


Uncomfortable or distracting gear


Being ridden too long, too often.  A horse has an attention span of 1 hour maximum, after that...well you asked for what you get!!  


Also if you're going to ride a horse daily for long periods be aware it will get a sore back unless you slowly condition and build him up to it.  


(Being sore will result in many things such as, cranky behaviour, biting when saddling up, not wanting to be caught, kicking, bucking, rearing and generally letting you know it is in pain and not happy).


Clicking and saying come on to a horse while approaching it...too hard, horse will go away from you.


Springing commands on horses without asking nicely first or allowing a response time, makes horse constantly nervous thinking you're going to 'jump on it' at any point harshly.


Reacting or disciplining horses for being scared or shying, you need to Not react, but rather be steady and calm and continue on when your horse is scared or shying.


Micromanaging your horses every move while riding or handling, give your horse the head space it requires to translate, interpret and act calmly to each thing asked.


Kicking your horse in the guts, spurs or whips as a first command rather than a disciplinary back up.


Gripping the reins rather than using them for a signal then letting go.


Being unclear in your requests, i.e; gripping the reins while asking to go forward, i.e; saying stop and go at the same time.


Being too aggressive in commands and handling. This causes nervous fizzy reactive behaviour and 99.9% of riders I see are WAY too harsh and defensive.


Not encouraging or gently patting the horse regularly.


Results of the above are a nervous, unhappy, fretful, frustrated, spooky, dangerous, unpredictable horse and no-one wants that.


Horses should be treated as young children, encourage, be kind, fair, gentle and patient, put yourself in their shoes, treat them with gentle care and respect in all you do and you can't go wrong.