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8. Beulah, The People: All Righteous


GOD is good to his people. Righteous are they. They speak only in the manner of things for which GOD has said speak this way. GOD's people are all righteous with not alot to say, except any thing pertaining within these walls thus far that is what GOD has to say.

GOD's righteous people wait, they don't dive or jump right in, they patiently wait upon GOD for what HE will have spoken.

Glory names it's players and righteousness is with them, they wait with all the others for the journey that is before them. Righteousness seeks no glory, it remains un-spoken, un-named, un-chosen till righteousness awakes all GOD's children that were spoken.

Glory awaits no man, glory holds no banner, it reveals what it will in the timeliest manner. It remains unspoken, un-chosen it awaits till all of GOD's glory reveals it's fate.

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