In our modern era of infinite readily available information, there are masses of varying views on the basics of horse handling, some of which work better than others to achieve our quite common goals.


In my line of work I come accross the same 'mistakes' of method very regularly, which can be easily corrected to achieve the more desireable outcome.


However, while methodology can often be adjusted, it is our core and underlying philosophies which shape our adopted methods and responses, and these are very rarely analyzed or addressed.


For example, if a person has a philosophy that horses are quite strong willed in general, desiring to derail your plans and purposes for their own, at any opportunity, then this person will be one that often is defensive , harsh and overly forceful in all their methodology.


It is so important therefore to firstly understand the factual aspects of all that involves horses and their natural function, horse psychology, physical attributes and all that they are, before working with them, for maximized results.


These things are commonly overlooked and barely addressed in most training resources.


I will delve further in future notes, however in the meantime I suggest rather than seeking physical riding instruction, that horse owners firstly study how horses naturally tick in great detail. 

Especially mental capacity and function. Then apply a little 'putting themself in the horses' shoes' empathy and common sense. Doing this will result in a balanced, factually based methodology which will see horse owners through the hairiest of horse moments.