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7. Beulah, The Glory: GOD


We seek to follow GOD, we seek his face daily, there is no other force we therefore look to, to teach us than his great and holy family.  Beulah is our family of industrious GOD followers, legends in their own right who make their ways glorious and right.

Right standing with GOD is all we need to be, to be taken and shown his way is all we need to see. Follow this way and you will find true glory.

Glorious are his ways, from them we do not stray, he made them to guide us each and every day so we look and we find, we seek this very way. To all who find him, glorious is their today.

Chosen are the few who seek GOD's face in every way, we know this to be true because we are hated every day, for choosing what is true, the shame no longer hates because inside our souls is where we go a shelter from our youth.

Find this path which leads to glory all who go there are few, so many of us have chosen wrong paths that lead to destruction of our youth.

They make themselves their crooked ways and all who follow lose, so why not look to heaven and find out what is true.

My soul is everlasting nowhere finds it to harm, and though the path is winding I never know that harm, for my way bypasses evil and every evil charm and I go on my way to heavens door and reach out for his arm.

To hold my path he reaches, to hold my very door to teach me all that is even and all that is indeed pure, to find ways that are unspoken, ways that reach the skies, and never a word spoken from you or I, but many tears have broken where my seeds lie.

So on and up to glorious heaven we go estranged from all we've known a new way has come from all the seeds we've grown, and tears may fall from heaven but rainbows reach the skies, and for all that remains broken there is a wider way to fly.

Glory passes over reaching to the skies, a remnant of the broken souls left alone to die. In sadness they were spoken though truth would never lie, and lifted where they lay down to heaven where they now fly.

Yes glory is to be spoken, not heard, a seed that gives eternal word, to those that heaven seeks to burden with all of careless thought, but in that way is heaven and all our spoken hurt, and we fly right above it for in GOD we could never touch any amount of pain that he felt over the years, for all our childish immortality cycles in pain of fear, from rain that dives and digs up all this dirt on me that changes lives to seek for me that has given to me this glory to seek THE ALMIGHTY GOD.

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