Common sense goes a long way. If you have just bought a new horse or are trying to catch one that doesn't really know you common sense should be applied.


Put yourself in the horses shoes. He doesn't know you well enough to trust you so endear yourself to him, go quietly, befriend him.


Grab a bit of grass or a carrot to show start showing him you are a new friend.


-Walking up to a horse yelling come on, horse will think you mean run.

-Clicking, horse will think you are asking him to run away.

-Demanding tones or a bossy demeanor can deter even the quietest horse.

-Swinging halters and leads when they do run away...yes some people do do this then expect to be able to catch their horse.

-Growl at their horse when they walk away or reprimand aggressively.


Go're a horse hanging out in your own space in your own time and someone you don't trust comes in and does these things? What would you do?


Go slowly, be friendly and quiet till you gain trust, till you have proven trustworthy.


Treats will prove your intentions are not to harm an pats and cuddles and good boys go a long way.


If you expect to be able to march into a paddock, demand a horse to come to you grab it and order it around, I doubt your horse will ever willfully want to be anywhere near you.


A pat, a good boy, a scratch, a treat, a quiet moment with your horse will cause a bond of trust, showing you are trustworthy and will cause your horse to whinney when you arrive and run to you, not away.