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6. Beulah, The Light: GOD


When we follow GOD he is our light. Humans are hard wired to receive guidance, understanding and insight from GOD as a continuum, daily. This is his natural order.

We rely on GOD as our teacher to teach and guide us daily. Not news, memes, tv, facebook, the crowd, elitists, universities, or other people but GOD.

We seek GOD daily, asking questions, getting answers and walking faithfully in those answers and insights. No one knows us better than our Creator and Source. Not even ourselves.

When we turn from GOD as our primary source of guidance and trust other things this gives GOD the cold shoulder and our gates close to GOD and his face is then hidden from us and we go on, blown around emotionally by every meme, news broadcast, fear driven society running to and fro. NO. We walk on steadily in peace, every day in GOD's guidance, rest, peace, selflessness, fearlessness, joy. He is our saviour not us or anyone else. He will guide us and teach us alone.

He is the joy that we have when we wake up every morning in trust that we are in his hands for today. He is the Teacher that launches us head first into the day and guides our paths along the way. He is the almighty navigator that teaches us not to stray but to come to him so he can show us HIS way forward into peace, love and unity for all mankind, going forward unified.

Froward is news, fear, warmongering, fear driven media, facebook news, froward is thinking we understand ourselves more than the one who made us, created our minds, souls, spirits and the way and path we seek to use.

Froward is thinking we are anything of ourselves without GOD's understanding and insight, without GOD shining his light into our day to make it radiant and clear. Froward is thinking anyone has been there where you are standing before you, in your unique circumstance, froward is being without GOD's everlasting eyes to guide you.

Change is required for the human race to go forward, individually and as a whole earth. We must seek GOD, his divine light to see clearly the path he has laid out for each and every one of us.

Froward is thinking we do not need GOD's light to go forward.

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