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5. Beulah, The Exactors:




Exactors are tax collectors: the governments. As followers of GOD we follow his purpose and our time and efforts are directed full-time to his order and priorities of things, our purpose, our part to play and our serving of GOD in the role that he shows us daily as we seek his face daily. We do not follow money.

When we follow GOD and his order of things we put our trust in him as a father figure for all our needs. This is GOD's order. GOD is as our father and we place our whole trust in him to provide our needs as fathers do for their children completely. This is his role and his balance and order.

We do not seek GOD's face for our purpose for our free time outside of our jobs or money earning time because this is placing our trust in money and turning away from GOD, giving GOD the cold shoulder in regards to him providing all our needs.

We place our trust in money as those who do not follow GOD do and therefore we effectively give GOD the cold shoulder and our gates are closed to him, our provisions from him shut out and we are blown like the wind off after money, blind.

GOD's face is then shut off / hidden from us and though we seek him we do not hear from him. Because we have turned from him in our actions. We must apologize and get back right with GOD in that instance and ask GOD what it is GOD wants us to do, our purpose, what our time is to be spent on etc. Thus relying on GOD to provide all, placing our full trust in him as our provider, our father.

We must stir ourselves up and take hold of GOD and his order. Come to HIM and ask HIM to forgive us for all we have done, get right with HIM, HE forgives, come to HIM with pen and paper, get right, get our purpose, get how, when and why, get up init. Faith comes from hearing what he has to say about a specific question. Don't do it for selfish reasons, so you can debate and be smarter than others, do it to be right with GOD and the people around you and to walk in the purpose GOD created you for, humbly trusting HIS grace.

If you don't know how to hear from GOD start with a Bible, (online link below), King James Version (KJV) (old version not new KJV) and write down a question in a notebook, then grab the Bible,  links below may be helpful.






Ask GOD the question in your head or out loud, then ask him for the answer, or for what he wants to say to you at that time. Then just start reading whatever you feel GOD wants you to read. It could be a reference that you feel GOD gives you to look up or you might flick to something or feel something jump out at you, but trust GOD to guide you to the answer using this book.

GOD will speak to you specifically through it. The Bible is a very special book which was written by many followers of GOD and GOD often uses the words to speak to us specifically also. You will be amazed how specific GOD will get with your answer. Then from there let GOD guide you on daily.

Ask him what he wants to say to you, ask him your purpose the how's etc, he will speak to your heart through those words you feel in your heart to read.

We don't rely on superstition, signs, memes, religions or opportunities as GOD's guidance because our emotions can get in the way in these things so we go with things a little more concrete and sure, as GOD has directed us, HIS thoughts are not our thoughts and HIS ways are higher than our ways and to not lean on our own understanding or follow our owns thoughts...Write down your take on the answers you get then trust GOD and walk in that light he has provided to you. If you are worried ask GOD again. Ask questions as you would a father.

Get on the right track in your life. Chasing money is not GOD's purpose for anyone. It is the enslavement and hijack of the human being and his world. If you chase money you are putting GOD as the least and money as the first. This is not GOD's order and righteousness.

KEY: GOD's righteousness is his order, the replacement of key elements in our lives with other orders makes trouble, angst and anger at GOD for not providing, but he does, your gates are just closed to him that is all. He is doing his part, you are not doing yours. Your part is to put GOD first in your order of things. GOD is your provider not money. Not the government slavery / jobs / careers and enslavement to capitalistic extortion where they take taxes from your time and energy and extort all your labour. That is enslavement to a GODless system of tyranny which you have sold yourselves into for no purpose other than to fit in and scheme for your future where GOD is not present to help you, in fear. The what if. Fear.

Ok so now we have delved into your fears let us go to your personal hobbies. What is it you like doing? Your dreams that never quite get fulfilled? What is your purpose if you had free time, if you were free.

That is your purpose, take it all the way to GOD and let him expound that for you.

There is a way. A purpose. A right order, but you have vacated it to follow one you can see, where faith is not required, you took your reins from GOD's hands and asked to take control so he gave it to you, forgave you and you carried on away from him to learn the hard way. Ever heard of the 'prodigal son' story? 

So here we are now, the worlds gone bust and we stand at a crossroads of humanity, a choice, to follow GOD or to trust humanity and follow each other in circles getting nowhere. Choose to follow GOD. End of story. You are capable and GOD has made it this way. End of story. Now expand yourself. It is time, a new age a new order and you are taking the reins and placing them in GOD's hands once again. Our source of all life and creation, there is no other way to live fully and freely. A new world order has hijacked that, spent it and spat it out again. It is broken, you must rebuild it your way, GOD's purpose in all of it not part only. REBUILD NOW.







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