I am very sad to so often hear stories of horses labelled as rogues and copping the blame for so called misbehavior, directly and wholly due to horse owners not making the effort to know the basics surrounding owning, caring for and working with horses.


The ones who primarily suffer are the horses. Not to mention the great risk this puts on people around these large animals.


The areas I commonly see a lack of knowledge effecting horses are base management needs of horses, the use of inappropriate gear, failure to understand horse psychology / the way they tick, and so many issues regarding communication between horse and human.


It appears these animals are vastly being taken for granted and treated like programmed machines.


Ignorance is the common denominator throughout. In the information era we are so lucky to live in it appears people are running after every fad and fashionable teacher rather than studying the cold hard facts which are readily available to everyone.


I suggest, for success with horses, people study how a horses' brain actually ticks / horse psychology. Not what someone teaches about it. But the scientific facts, researched by scientists, information all over the internet.


I also suggest people study the facts about horse digestion. Not what people teach about it, but the scientific facts. How their digestive system actually works.


The same goes for anatomy, bone structure, movement, breeds and their characteristics, basic requirements necessary daily for horses, etc...


If you know how a horse ticks then you will know how to float it, how to train it, how to act around it etc etc...


You would read your horses behavior, diagnose accurately what is going on and act accordingly, rather than asking 50 people's opinions on facebook who are all following each other in circles.


For example: If people understood the facts regarding horses they would understand a horse who has never had 2 riders on might be a little shocked at first, possibly even worse.


They would understand strapping a second girth around a horses' belly / flanks when they have never been ridden in one before, may cause a reaction.


They would understand you would not allow a puppy or young child in a horse paddock unattended.


Or that a horse in a new environment will be spooky, unsure and unpredictable.


I am sure many people wish the above were not the case but unfortunately horses will be horses.


People who refuse to learn about them will inevitably be taught by them in the long run, or not learn a thing and go from horse to horse blaming the horse.


Study yourself and your horse. If you go through 10 horses and they all seem to have the same problem isn't the only common denominator you?


I always stand by the rule, if I am having a problem with a horse, what am I doing that could be better.


In the meantime I really strongly suggest people stop getting lessons from those who follow fads which lack common sense or any sense at all and instead keep the money in your pocket and get into some cold hard factual study of horses. This will take you further than any advice, horse course, or private lesson will.


It makes sense doesn't it?