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2. Beulah, The Gates: Praise


So our health comes from GOD, from seeking his face about things, to serve and to give, for our holistic health and that of our wider communities and earth but GOD's face can be hidden from us.
This is where the 'gates' come in.

GOD will not commune with those of us who fearfully mope about saying woe is me, look what GOD has done to me, life is hard. This is a lack of faith in GOD.

GOD meets with those of us who thankfully, joyfully, gratefully, humbly live a life of appreciation to GOD as a living testimony of him, giving glory to GOD in all we say and do.

It is not about acting sad, fake humble, acting pitiful. But to show GOD's grace and strength. Acting pitiful detracts from GOD and gives a false impression of GOD and his glory.

There is no moment as a GOD follower that we went through something and GOD did not provide all we needed (or wanted even in some instances). We must tell the truth rather than amping up a pity story to make ourselves seem important and strong. It was GOD that made us strong not ourselves. It is common sense to give an accurate account of things is it not?

When we tell an account of something we must not leave out the GOD factor or the sum-mary will be inaccurate.

We must show GOD's grace, strength, power, and joyfully and gratefully help others, because we are helped by GOD.

We seek GOD's face, not to become wise for ourselves, but to know how to give, to build and to serve GOD's purpose. We seek GOD to serve, not to use GOD to make us holier than others.

We seek GOD to loose others burdens, to get GOD's insight on ourselves so we don't oppress others. To break oppression, to help the poor and needy. GOD shows us what is truly going on, he sees our hearts and knows our minds and emotions and discerns for us freely so we can freely and gratefully give to others with a lack of blindness about ourselves, so we don't get in the way of GOD's love and work with all our emotional baggage etc. which can happen alot.

He shows us our faults when we seek him so we can stop hurting others and care properly for those around us, our purpose, those who GOD has committed to our care and love. To be a good steward to that commitment we need GOD's insights daily on these things as we tackle them daily.

If we live this way THEN we will have health holistically in all we are. Then GOD will commune with us when we seek him.

When we criticise others we place on those people a burden, a restriction, chains. We must not do this. We must not point the finger at others to imply we are better, speaking vainly of ourselves in a vain manner, as if we are special over others.

We instead draw out our soul to those in need and satisfy the needs of those in trouble / afflicted. Then we will have health and insight from GOD, from his eyes to our own as we seek him and gain those insights from him to see clearly in all we do, past ourselves, our emotions and all our misunderstandings.

Then we will be healthy in all things, from personal level to holistic earth level. This is our personal revolution that needs to take place here on earth. This is it. Then GOD will cause us to flourish, we will be guided by GOD. Then GOD's work will get done and people will be able to relax, there will be peace in our lives and on earth as it is intended. We will be using GOD's insights instead of our own blindness making shit crazy, leaning on GOD's insight not our own.

We need to serve GOD in all our ways, all we say and do daily and let GOD discern the path for us all as individuals to fulfill our individual purposes with GOD on earth. We need to rest from ourselves and 'do GOD'.

So here's the thing. We may pray to GOD but then spend our day criticizing others, acting all worried or 'woe is me' for things GOD has not yet done for us, things we don't have, this is, in effect, closing our 'gates' to all GOD has for us. Our words and our actions close those gates and effectively lock out GOD and all GOD's benefits from us, we have given GOD the cold shoulder.

To access GOD and to maintain access in and through all we do we must joyfully and gratefully come to him, we can cry to GOD about stuff but never in a lack of faith in him. We enter GOD's presence only through joy, gratefulness and thanks to GOD, which are actions of faith in GOD, then we need to maintain that faith in actions and words throughout the day, this is Praise.

If instead, we then in turn effectively doubt GOD in all our words and actions, mope about, criticise and judge others vainly that day our gates to GOD close, we are giving GOD the cold shoulder and betraying him and those things that GOD was delivering to us for his work are blocked behind the gates that we closed through verbal faithlessness and faithless actions in what GOD gave us insight on, so GOD's face is hidden from us and we go on in our blindness hurting people and creating chaos thinking we are doing GOD's will but we are blind.

Without faith it is impossible to please GOD or have our lives in order and faith only comes by hearing and hearing only comes by the word of GOD. Not the 'logos' word of GOD, meaning written words and laws previously recorded. But the 'rhema' word of GOD, meaning GOD's living current unique insight / words into our current unique situation. We seek GOD's insight and direction on things, we hear it, then we move on it according to what GOD has said in faith, trusting what he has said over what we see physically, because GOD's knowledge and understanding we lean on, not our own.

The world has fallen into the trap of dead religion and methodology, a meme for every situation. This is not GOD's insight for our unique situation it is the world clutching at straws instead of GOD. So people place blind faith in religious laws, memes, previous practices and previous insights, advice from others etc. GOD gives us HIS understanding and counsel into our current unique situation.

KEY: Our gates need to be open all the time to GOD so GOD can help us and so GOD's work and purpose can be apparent and seen. How do we keep these gates open? What does this mean? It means acting on what GOD has said, from the times we seek HIM and HIS insights, daily. We praise God in action and word. Not editing the GOD factor out of conversation and daily grind. Not betraying GOD by moping around as if we are so burdened, making him look bad and us good, but gratefully and joyfully trusting what GOD said throughout the day and actioning it / acting accordingly in alignment with it in faith. If we do not praise GOD in our actions joyfully and gratefully our gates to GOD are closed because we have turned away from GOD in action. Our insight and health is cut off. We need to get right and stay right with GOD daily.

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