Ok so there is a major across the board issue I'm coming across over and over again that if people adjusted they would have pretty much no more issues with any horse.


This is the issue of who's the boss, you or the horse.


Certain behaviour from any horse should never be tolerated and it's not that this is just who that horse is, no, this is behaviour and you are in charge of what behaviour is and isn't allowed.


A horse is not 'nippy', this is a behaviour to be reprimanded.


A horse is not a 'kicker', this is a behaviour to be reprimanded.


It is up to every horse owner to take charge of their horses behaviour. Which can change in an instant.


One thing that will destroy a horses good behaviour is allowing it to get away with bad behaviour even in the tiniest things. This can turn a horse into an obnoxious rebel within minutes.


Never allow a horse to think it has ever got the better of you, never allow it to think it can push you around or you will be in for a world of trouble.


A stern no, with a pointed finger or a back up and do it again properly is often all it takes to pull behaviour back into line but it must be done immediately or the horse won't associate the discipline with the thing it has done wrong.