We've all heard the stories, the horse was quiet when trialled then a completely different horse when brought home.

Horses are not programmed machines, they're animals, herd animals who've just been ripped away from all they know and don't know why.


They need headspace, to be left alone to take it all in. Time alone to explore it all. Time to understand what it all means, to get over missing their friends and family, to understand who you are and what you want of them, to trust you and their new environment. To learn your unique way of communicating to them and to translate it.


If this is not taken into consideration when bringing your horse home and settling it in you will find the horse likely to be annoyed, upset, angry, frustrated, spooky, fizzy, nervous, unable to concentrate or work out what you want etc... Which is often expressed by running, kicking up, biting, being clingy with other horses, nervous, spooky, unhappy, unsettled, rearing, weight loss, not eating, getting sick etc etc,


Buyers please don't shoot yourself in the foot with this and provide an effective transition for your new buddy so you can enjoy a long happy relationship thereafter.


Common sense with horses should never be kept in the background, but applied and dictating all we do and the way we are around our beautiful horses.