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11. Beulah, The Palaces


GOD is KING over all kings and over all creation. HIS dwelling place and palaces are Zion in it's redeemed state:, spiritually, with all the meek, the broken, the poor, the humble of the earth, where HE revives and strengthens them.

There symbolically / spiritually HIS servants draw near to HIM to seek HIS face for HIS work in the earth. By GOD's words and judgements are battles broken to save the meek of the earth. He is to be feared. In HIS favour we thrive, at HIS rebuke we perish. He cuts off the spirit of princes and is terrible to the kings of the earth and is to be feared, honoured continuously and respected. HE destroys all that wander from HIM.

Those who place their trust in our Creator shall be defended and planted in and possess the earth forever from generation to generation but HIS enemies, those who wander from HIM shall be destroyed and not take root in GOD's earth unless they apologize to God and return to Him.

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