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10. Beulah, The Bulwarks


The Bulwarks/walls of defence on top of the towers are a symbolic place of attack. From our place of defence in GOD we then are able to seek GOD on behalf of the people and nations of the earth, all of which GOD created and all of which will eventually return and bow the knee to GOD. All people.

From our position, helped and defended by GOD, we are then able to seek GOD and gain insights from HIM regarding HIS work on earth and how we can help defend the oppressed and break the works of the oppressors.

We work with GOD's insights and direction to bring peace to HIS earth, for the poor, to save the children of the needy, to break in pieces the oppressor. To bring good and blessings and acts of kindness on earth so the righteous flourish, to bring an abundance of peace to the earth. We deliver the needy when they cry, the poor and those who have no helper, we help and advocate for the poor and needy, we show them also truth and GOD, we protect them from oppression and violence, we defend them, because all are equal. We share and give for their help. This is GOD's way. We seeks GOD's insights into all for all.

We don't seek recognition for it, because we are also helped and defended by GOD and it is not our strength but GOD's that HE has given to us, that enables us to help others. We also are dependant on GOD. We are become GOD's holy servants on this earth, preserved by HIM.

GOD is good, ready to forgive and plenteous in mercy to all that call on HIM. In our times of trouble we call on HIM and HE answers us and shows us what to do and we are saved by HIM. GOD is great and does wondrous things.

HE teaches us HIS ways and we walk in HIS insights and truth as we seek HIM. HE unites our hearts with our minds to respect HIM so our lives are a praise to HIM.

HE delivers our souls from the lowest hells. The proud fight against us because we defend the poor and oppose oppression, groups of violent people seek after our soul continuously, those who don't respect GOD. But GOD is full of compassion, gracious, plenteous in mercy and truth and gives HIS strength to HIS servants, saves us and makes those that hate us ashamed when HE openly helps and comforts us.

GOD makes our enemies ashamed, confounded, HE turns them backwards and puts them to confusion and we continue on joyfully fighting for HIS good on earth, delighting in HIM our speedy help and deliverer.

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