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1. Beulah, The Foundation: Health


In GOD'S natural order health is the foundation. Our health is hard wired to come directly from GOD. We are designed to be in direct relationship and communication with GOD and when this is in order so is our health from individual level to the health of our communities and the health of our earth. GOD prospers our efforts towards health or does not.

KEY: GIVE. When we seek GOD and GOD shows us his ways we must also do these things. It is when we give to others that the virtue flowing through us in that giving to help others heals and helps us also, creating health. This is how our health is hardwired, to receive virtue from GOD but not to hold it but to pass it on, from our direct relationship with GOD to give to others thus that virtue moves through us and health is created from this natural order of human function.

However if we seek GOD just to receive GOD's wisdom and virtue for debating with, to look superior to others and to puff ourselves up against others, to go around all high and mighty and acting like GOD is so lucky to have us and GOD's ways are such a heavy burden to us, how does this make GOD look to others? GOD will not be mocked and we are betraying him with our actions and giving GOD the cold shoulder and so his face is then effectively hidden from us.

We seek GOD to serve joyfully as a great privilege, we don't give GOD a bad name by moping about, about it, we seek GOD to do, not to point the finger and criticize others and state how much more we know. We do not act sad as if we are burdened by GOD and GOD's work so we look special or important. If we choose to do this we are betraying GOD with our actions and giving GOD the cold shoulder and so his face is then effectively hidden from us and our very source is cut off from us and our health degenerates.

Though we may still try to use GOD's laws, memes and proverbs to spark light for ourselves in these times when GOD's face is hidden from us, we have no light from GOD and no health. Health is the foundation of Beulah.

We are very intricate and balanced living beings. There is a balance of order to us. The current governments we instituted globally to serve us have joined military, corporation and elitist ranks together to attack the citizens around GOD's earth, implement fascism and inject our very bodies to attempt to re-order and re-code our very cells, attempting to separate us from reaching out to GOD, changing the way people function naturally from cell level, to family to country to earth wide level for their long time planned global takeover of all land and resources, including people. How did we let this happen? Why is GOD not helping us?

We are out of order with GOD.
To fix this we need to apologize to GOD and get right with GOD as individuals as an urgent priority. Put GOD first in our order of things, GOD's natural order in our lives. Then allow GOD to navigate us each personally and as a global unified community, out of this mess. GOD will not prosper a people that are hating on each other.

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