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17 / 08 / 2020


From the get go we have made waves in the horse industry shocking people out of the complacency developed over time with equine science and methodology.

Horse riding and even simple interaction with horses, is a very unique art which has the ability to train us to be better human beings. It has taught us how fear and control is ineffective and causes escalation and harm...if we will learn.

True Horsemanship is not method, but a philosophy, one of true kindness, gentleness, care and constant learning. It teaches us the universal laws of communication and love.

Globally what is taught in the horse industries are methods of controlling horses, rather than true horsemanship. This has been placing riders and horses in danger and continues to every day.

Because we are a supportive business whose aim is to build rather than tear down, we have always supported the industry and it's businesses large and small regardless. However it is long overdue now that people wake up to our industry and stop holding onto old ways which are destructive.

No more. So here it is. Plain and simple. If you or your teachers are lungeing horses before riding (the tutor may be Olympic level 'experienced') they do not know horsemanship. If they are feeding cooling feed to horses they do not know horsemanship. If they are carrying a whip, they do not know horsemanship, if the are wearing spurs, they do not know horsemanship.

Spot the difference. There are endless businesses, trainers, teachers up to top level teaching these things. Writing books about it, running clinics on it. This is NOT horsemanship and is causing fear in horses and accidents as a result.

For those looking to learn to ride do not go to a trainer who does these things. You will learn horse abuse only.

These trainers and the industry has had enough grace period now to adjust and learn. Now it is time to stop and learn.

I have been there, I learnt method, I competed, I broke in horses, educated riders in it, then I learnt and moved on. Facing the hard questions, eliminating the things that just aren't right and creating a path that is method free, kind, fair, common sense, natural and effective. Time to step up, unlearn the rubbish and relearn horsemanship in it's true science, based on fact and kindness, the universal rules of life people.

Please understand this, the intentions of trainers and educators are not bad, it is the method that is bad. It is what they were taught. However this abuse will no longer be tolerated.

We at Freedom Equine International provide 'horsemanship' education 100% FREE. We also train all the horses we sell this way with integrity.

We have written 2 exhaustive Codes of Conduct for sellers of horses and for equitation in general people can be guided by. We have also written a scientific Code of Communication which can be adopted and used by anyone for effective equine interaction, management and all facets of equitation.


Below are video & photo galleries of some of the horses we have sold in their new homes.






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30 / 10 / 2020



Hi Phoebe,
How lovely to see you in my inbox. I hope all is well with you
I have been meaning to message you to say how absolutely gorgeous Kingi is and what a wonderful addition to our family he is. The girls. (6&8) are loving walking around the paddock on him as they grow in confidence - and I am loving taking him for bush trails on the weekends ... and whenever else I can sneak away from work and get out! ...Thanks, Belinda



28 / 10 / 2020



Hi Phoebe, Manchester is beautiful.



28 / 10 / 2020



Richie alias Rich Pride, Mr Muscles, Fatty boomba....
Looking great & happy. ❤️
The most amazing horse ever .....
Excuse the forelock trim 😬


03 / 10 / 2020



I'm in love with this horse, he's just letting me just plod.


18 / 09 / 2020


(Sox & Candy)

Hi Phoebe, I just wanted to let you know that the horses have settled in beautifully. They are both very relaxed and getting on with the gelding. They are both so affectionate and my children are so happy and in love 😊
...Thanks again for recommending these beautiful girls.
Regards Jayne



05 / 09 / 2020


(San Domingo)

Hey Phoebe!!! I thought I would give you a new update! SanDi has been doing phenomenal he’s been out of work for a few weeks, and I jumped on him yesterday and he behaved like an absolute champ! We thought he wasn’t going to make much of a jumper because he was just so awesome at dressage and he couldn’t figure out his footing when it came to jumps. But with a lot of trust and patience over the last 2 years I’ve had him I can proudly say he finally jumps without hesitation! It took a lot of me free jumping him... tuning over it with him to show him we could do it together and if I could jump it he could... He is now at a point that if there is a jump in the arena whilst we are doing flat work he will try and make a b line for it 🤭☺️ we used to be jumping 30cm and he would knock a rail almost every second run. Now we jump 60-70cm with our eyes close knocking a rail once every blue moon. He is just so amazing Phoebe I know I always say it but thank you for such a beautiful horse with an amazing soul. 💓🥰



28 / 08 / 2020



Jewel has arrived… and I have to say it is LOVE at first sight!! She is seriously sweet and lovely.


18 / 08 / 2020


(Relationship Based Equitation)

I just finished studying the RBEI course section on Groundwork. I absolutely loved what I learned....I’m really looking forward to putting it into action when I get my new horse from you. 

My whole life I’ve wanted to have a friendship with my horses...but never new I do . 

Thank you,  Terese 



11 / 08 / 2020



Jewel is amazing! Couldn’t ask for a better horse. Her breeding is also so amazing. So grateful you sold her to me 💙 we just had Hermes come out and customize a Hermes saddle for her. She is jumping 1.4m high now. So outstanding...Jewel loves the attention we get riding...We ride everyday to town to get coffee.

27 / 07 / 2020

Sarah, Jazzy & Maddy

(Jasper & Texas)

They have absolutely relished in being showered with love and rubs and us getting to know all their favourite places for scratches. We truly do love them.

I have a story to tell you... Texas, you were right about. He is the smoochiest animal ever! He is sweet. Like super sweet. Happy to share his dinner and in fact his only vice is- he gets jealous if we give attention to jasper. They both run up to us when we get there (yes I pay for full Care 5 star agistment lol but we still go out twice a day- 1- to just bond with them and 2- we leave and come back to give them a break from us- even though all we do is sit with them and give them rubs on their terms and collect grass with them like the settling in journal says to :-) )
However it was the second afternoon- and jasper is a little bit more of boss then Texas so we laugh about how he suits jazzy to a T. Anyway, no halter, no lead or anything on him. Just hanging with us in the paddock. The little bloody smoocher (and I say that as a term of endearment), comes up to me and I was giving him a scratch behind his ears like he loves and I was just
sitting on the brush box and he starts falling asleep in my lap. Like his head is getting lower and lower towards my lap as I’m giving him a scratch but his eyes are closed lol And then because I kept giving him gentle kisses- guess what he did???? Yupppp he started putting his massive big smoocher lips on mine. Jazzy thought it was hilarious. But I was like “this is soooooo weird... I’ve never been kissed back by a horse before lol”
...I don’t doubt for a second their natures. They are super sweet. ...
I love that already they both run up to us as soon as they see the car, I love that they fight over us even when we don’t have food. It’s the only time the don’t like each other. So much so that if they can’t see each other they neigh for the other- and it’s just because of the long grass they are out of sight. But for our attention- they are willing to push each other out of the way and get cranky. But never once towards us
have they ever had anything but love and blue eyes. I’m so happy you taught me the blue eye thing. It’s just a validating feeling being able to look into their eyes and know they feel safe and happy with us too. X
I promise... they will be loved all of their days through x
I can’t wait to go out and smooch my boys again today. girls felt sooo proud when I told them what you said about the blue in the eyes already.

They said “that is sooo special, I’m soooo glad they love us like we love them



22 / 07 / 2020



She is going very well and settled in. She loves my gelding Toby and he loves her. She is very sensible and not scared of much out on trail. She is loving her life on the Mornington Peninsula, she has a beautiful stable to come in to at night with her food and hay and then paddock during the day next to her boy Toby. Her arena riding is coming along...we are taking her slowly.



14 / 07/ 2020



Hello! I’m the girl who bought Stately (now renamed Chevy) around 7 months ago from you guys and I just wanted to tell you how wonderful of a horse he is. Before deciding to buy another horse and continue my passion for horses I had a terrible fall on my previous gelding, it ended with me in the hospital with some pretty bad injuries and my confidence in riding was destroyed, I was convinced I would never ride again as I would break down every time I tried to put my foot in the stirrup after the incident. My grandparents could see the horse I had was not good for me as he was so nervous and jumpy and so they decided to sell him and possibly look for another horse if I really wanted.

We spent a few weeks just looking around at some horses and ads, trying a few horses and every one of them I didn’t have a connection with, it was pretty tough. Just as we were about to accept the fact I might not ride again, my grandma found Chevy’s add. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. I love big bays with limited markings and sweet faces and that’s exactly what he was, his description was perfect as it stated he was bombproof and trustworthy. Within the hour we knew he was the one and that night we bought him and I he arrived the following Monday.

As recommended I spent a week just chilling out with him in the paddock and getting him used to me, right from the get go he was the sweetest guy and would come up for hugs and fall asleep with his face in my arms.

Our first ride was short as my confidence was still ruined and I was worried about being on an unfamiliar horse, all of that fear went to nothing as he was an angel, listening to everything I asked and not putting a foot wrong at all. I felt good after that ride and I continued to ride him every few days and I got my confidence back fast.

Now to the point of how incredible he is, sorry for that whole backstory I needed it to help with this part! Ever since I got him he’s been a champ, he has never spooked even though I ride beside the road and there are a lot of cars, dogs and scary things most horses would spook at. He’s always done exactly what he’s been asked and he’s never bucked, reared or bolted. He’s always so willing to work and loves going for a canter up the hills around my area. Because of him my confidence is back and bigger than ever, just yesterday we went for a gallop up a long hill when we were on our way home and he reached a speed of around 55km/hr (Tracked on a special horse app of mine) and I wasn’t scared. It was an amazing feeling to be able to just let him go to his hearts content, he just stretched out and went like a bullet, the incredible thing is as soon as I asked him to slow he did and he did it quickly. That’s the amazing thing about him, no matter what speed were going at no matter how excited he is he ALWAYS comes back into my hand when I ask him too.

For an inexperienced 6yo OTT he is the most wonderful horse I’ve ever met. People talk about finding their soul horse and I honestly think I’ve found mine.

I know this will be so weird and random to read but I just wanted to let you know how amazing I think you guys are and just to say what you do with these horses is incredible!

Thankyou so much for giving me my golden boy.

Kind Regards
Maya Jean

(some photos of him now)



24 / 06 / 2020



Hey Phoebe- Millie is coming along great! ...☺️...I should’ve taken a photo of Cydonie Millie and Monty all laying down on the grass. Both horses had their heads resting on Cydonie. 💕 it was absolutely priceless.


14 / 06 / 2020


(San Domingo)

Another update of my gorgeous boy!!
We did a professional photoshoot this weekend and he behaved like a superstar ✨ and omg he was gorgeous he’s such a poser he love the camera 🤭☺️




06 / 06 / 2020


(San Domingo)

Such a beautiful boy today 🧸🥰... he’s just so much fun I love making videos with music to amplify it 💓

01 / 06 / 2020


(San Domingo)

I thought I would send u an update on SanDomingo. he’s doing so good he’s gained sooo much weight he almost looks like a warmblood! He is so chill I’ve finally galloped him... he didn’t really want to, he would have much rather walked 🤭 I had about two months off riding him due to school 🤯 and got on him bare back yesterday for a little fun photoshoot and he was so happy to plod around. I love him so much and I think it safe to say I fall in love with him more and more everyday💓🧸he’s so beautiful. He really is my match made in heaven horse💓💓💓


13 / 05 / 2020



Second Bowen treatment today. Millie loves it... Cydonie rode her for the first time yesterday - only for about 15 minutes but she’s such a gorgeous girl...Thank you so so much for offering dear sweet Millie to us... She is the sweetest girl like you said. She makes my heart melt with every essence that she is

06 / 05 / 2020



Good morning 😃 Millie and Monty just had their first Bowen Therapy session. Both fell asleep while being treated.
The bowen therapist - Kathleen... loves her already.


04 / 05 / 2020



Millie was just looking at the gorgeous girl in the window. Was totally a sweet moment to watch.🥰
Millie came up for cuddles from me this morning. That blue ring is getting brighter.

02 / 05 / 2020



Millie (aka Milkshake) arrived and has settled in well with Monty 💕 she is beautiful...Cydonie asked her this afternoon if she was ready for some food and she nodded her head (have video but bloody thing won’t upload) She is absolutely gorgeous...She’s had lots of rubs and pats, kisses and soft words...



28 / 04 / 2020



 Someone is trying to get in the house.


25 / 04 / 2020



Update pics of Vinichi

23 / 04 / 2020


(Danny Boy)

Morning Phoebe...I wanted to give you an update on Danny Boy. He is such a star and much loved part of our family. His kind, unflappable nature is giving our daughter so much joy learning to ride. She was recently on a ride with her sister, whose horse took off, Milly was able to stop him easily despite his pal galloping off in the distance - so impressed! Milly who rides Danny Boy tells me almost every day how happy she is to have him...she loves him soo much!...He is adored!! Thanks so much Phoebe... I am so happy with Danny Boy and I think what you are doing is fantastic!


22 / 04 / 2020



This is Monty who we purchased off you November 2018. He is spoilt and a gorgeous boy! My daughter has taught him how to bow, smile and he drinks out of a glass! They play hide and seek and chase each other in the paddock. If Cydonie had her way Monty would be sleeping in her room with her! These two have just meshed so well... at least Monty will never hurt her. Thank you for allowing us to have him in our lives to love 💕 I am kind of astounded by her actually because she had never ridden a horse until Monty joined our family! I think they are teaching and learning from each other! He’s too good to keep to ourselves. We get lots of comments about him! Especially how people think it’s great to see a young girl riding a horse around the town again. Plus Monty loves the attention and loads of kisses.


18 / 04 / 2020



Magic seems to be enjoying exploring the paddock. She hasn’t eaten from us yet but I’m confident she will settle. She has already approached the kids at the fence several times so they are happy



22 / 03 / 2020



Thank you so so so so much! Jewel is the absolute best horse a horse obsessed man could ask for. She literally just fit right in and assumed best friend position haha. Plus she tolerates my attention seeking photo shoots haha and when I say tolerate I mean she has to have full involvement. My trainer took her to the beach with me as you can see her riding her. She was so impressed she went as far to say she is one of the best horses we have and how beautifully trained up she is.
Once again, you are amazing and freedom equine has more then delivered, you have excelled. Have a good Sunday X


25 / 02 / 2020


(Cajun renamed Rani)

Rani has been a dream horse and everything that you said she was right down to her lifting her leg up when she’s happy. She is so loved and hasn’t put a foot wrong. I ride her and children ride her and she is wonderful. Thank you for doing what you do.



25 / 02 / 2020



...Thank you for selling me the best horse I've ever owned xx

24 / 02 / 2020



.🤭 ok ok! The last one I promise! My newest and last addition to the collection! I have joined the #thoroughbred clan and scored this beautiful grey dapple girl. She is trained in pretty much everything and she has the kindest nature! As big as she is 17hh she is so gentle. #inlove also... how cool is the J branding 💙#giant #racehorse #dressage #dapple #grey #stunner #horse #nimbin @freedomequitation thanks so much for everything, I couldn’t be happier!



25 / 02 / 2020



...Thank you for selling me the best horse I've ever owned xx



24 / 02 / 2020



She is Devine

She already follows me everywhere

She’s is honestly Devine. Thanks heaps

24 / 02 / 2020

Cheryl (Tasmania)


Introducing "Chief" the newest member of our fur family! ❤️❤️
After a long journey from Toowoomba, he's home and settling in well.
Looking forward to building our special relationship 💓💓

04 / 02 / 2020



Just HAD to share ~ yesterday I was sitting on the ground crying (over something very trivial but even so I was upset) when I heard the distinct noise of two horses cantering from the other side of the house. I didn’t even look up but next felt a gentle nudge. I look up to the warm soft nose of Sebastian who then reached out to me another two times. Mood gone, he went off to graze and I continued with my frustrating task. Love💞 🐴.



04 / 02 / 2020



Princess being ridden by a young girl from Pony Club.  All set for Tokyo Olympics, lol

31 / 01 / 2020


(Goldy & Daisy)

Thanks so much for your care and support Phoebe....She has been a nice quiet riding horse and is very easy to handle, she is being sold due to no fault of her own...


I would just like to say that you do a wonderful job with the horses, they are a pleasure to have and they are very fortunate to have you select them as part of your retraining program.


Keep up your great work 



28 / 01 / 2020



Remember this guy with the tongue!?



27 / 01 / 2020



Practice round at TEG yesterday, so hot!

26 / 01 / 2020



Some pics of Sebastian my adoring beautifully natured big boy from over the years... 


Jayne is 2 1/2 here and just loves visiting Auntie Cazz and her horses. Sebastian being her personal choice to ride.

The lead is for Tammys sense of security. They went walking around a busy neighbourhood with lots of noises and traffic.

Tammy has Down syndrome and is easily spooked.

I would recommend your horses any day.

26 / 01 / 2020



Hi Phoebe, I just wanted to give you an update on Milky. He is such a sweet and quite boy and we absolutely love him. He has settled in well and the only time he exerts too much energy is when it comes to his belly 😂. I love riding him with his no fuss attitude to most things. He has also been a huge help in getting my daughter to build her confidence back one ride at a time. He is so patient with her and just plods along working to help her recover from some bad experiences she had.
Thanks so much for our boy he has definitely stollen our hearts.
Kristy and Jaydence


17 / 01 / 2020



Princess update Matt Ryan Cross Country Clinic. She was amazing

She is amazing, everyone loves her and says she has amazing potential.

She is a very special girl, third in her first ever dressage test and first in her first ever show jumping event. So willing.



16 / 01 / 2020



Hi Phoebe...She arrived today finally and she was very chilled and easy going.

She was bathed of which she did not seem to mind, then she had a nice clean mesh rug on and put in the paddock next door to the shetland and my Arab.  You were right she loves cuddles and amazing temperament...she was following me around the paddock. PS she has also had a fly veil put on of which she didn't mind either.  The transport guy said she was the quietest horse all week.

It is such a long trip poor girl, but I told her that she is safe now and will have a great home.

...plenty of cuddles.

I will keep you updated and thanks again for all your help.



13 / 01 / 2020



I have just started on your masters course and am finding it super helpful and educational. Thank you so much.



19 / 12 / 2019


(Tamworth Equine Assisted Therapy)

(Sabrixky, now renamed

Arrow the horse doctor)

Arrow being a sweetheart again today.  Such little ppl such a big horse.

Having a bath for our christmas show tomorrow.





Hundreds of quality quiet riding horses sold all over Australia & Internationally.

Hundreds of positive buyer & client reviews.

30 years successfully educating riders, horse owners

& horses globally.